Christian is the lead guitarist. His talent spans the musical spectrum from classic rock to the classical masters. He’s the only full-time professional musician among us. Christian has appeared as a legit bassoonist with the Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto and Montréal Symphonies. He continues his relentless quest for the perfect gear combination.


Dave is the busiest guy in the band: guitars, keys, harp, concertina, vocals and… BBQ. Dave was our biggest fan (until we got the wind machine). He has amassed his share of gear over the years and feels the need to bring it ALL to every gig. You name it, he’s got more pedals than the band has feet. By day, Dave is the VP of Customer and Corporate Services Conservation Officer at a utility corporation… where he gets his energy.


Frank is the lead singer. The “young blonde kid” in the band, he spent his adolescence under the wings of the more “senior” members… cloistered in Rob’s basement doing comedy and musical interludes for our amusement. An advocate of well-designed communities, he is an accomplished architect with his own practice. Frank travels light.


Ivan is our behind-the-scenes guy, but he also hops onstage to play keys in a few tunes. In our youth, Ivan was building stuff from odds and ends he scavenged from the bin out back of Radio Shack. He holds the world record for the most gear brought to a gig. “Hey, Iv… got a 6 x 110 Sds turbo pneumatic borer handy?” Two! A retired nuclear operator, Ivan’s work ethic is glowing.


Rob is the group’s visionary… and bassist. He’s a guy who just wants to rock and roll all night and part of every day. Rob is retired from his alter ego, Homer Simpson… a supervisor at a nuclear plant (and his wife’s name is Marge… well, kinda). His collection of cool electronics would rival that of a technology tradeshow. Rob plays a 1978 original Rickenbacker and a modified Fender Jazz.


Tony is the drummer. A bit of an anomaly, his roots are still deeply planted in the permafrost. Tony has performed in almost every musical genre – from Arias to Zydeco, from rollicking ditties to rousing anthems. By day he’s a Registered Graphic Designer, Principal/Chief Design Strategist with his creative agency. Tony has always played Ludwig drums and way too many Sabian cymbals.